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C Ramchandra-what a music director

I have been taking a keen interest on the great music directors of the golden era of Bollywood music and I have discovered a wealth of information about them.Almost all of them were wonderful characters too. And the music that they created is still hummed, and by the present day generation too.

One of the very important and impressive personalities of those early days was C Ramchandra. Here I will discuss this amazing music director.

His actual name was Ramchandra Chitalkar. He gave music under different names viz Anna Sahab, Chitalkar, and finally C Ramchandra. He was a handsome looking 6 footer, who could easily have acted as an actor. And indeed he got some acting assignments too early in his career, but his movies flopped, and he finally made his name and fame as a music director.

He was a dashing extrovert character who lived his life fully. He began his career as a music director in 1942, and that makes him one of the seniormost music directors of the Bollywood movies, who went on to have a long and successful career. Other such names being Anil Biswas and Naushad, who began their careers earlier than even C Ramchandra. To put things in perspective, none of the all time great singers of the golden era had debuted at that time.

C Ramchandra, like other music directors was very well trained in classical music, and had great grasp of folk music, and these were the two ingredients on which early Bollywood filmy music was based.Apart from that, C Ramchandra was one of the first to introduce western music and instruments to Bollywood music.

C Ramchandra created a huge number of all time great songs. The biggest patriotic song of all time- " Ai mere watan ke logon" was his creation.The all time great public lament " Kitna badal gaya insaan (Naastik 1954) was composed by him. Some of the greatest ghazals pre Madan Mohan have been created by C Ramchandtra.For example, songs of Anarkali viz " Mohabbat aisi dhadkan hai","jaag darde ishq jaag", "aaja ab tu aaza", "ye zindagi usi ki hai" were composed
by him.

It is often believed that songs must be sad songs in order to become long lasting and memorable. But not necessarily so in case of C Ramchandra. He has created many light hearted joyous songs that have become immortal. People may not know that these songs are C Ramchandra's compositions, but everyone, including the youngest of children, who otherwise scoff at old music, love the music that C Ramchnadra created in 1950s and even earlier. You do not believe
me? O K, here is a list of C Ramchandra's immortal light hearted compositions. Enjoy:

Mere piya gaye Rangoon (Patanga 1949) Singers-Shamshad Begum & C Ramchandra Lyrics- Rajinder KrishanPicturised on Gope and Nigar Sultana. What a timeless song

Gore gore O baaanke chore (Samadhi 1950)Singers-Lata & Amirbai Karnataki, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan

Shaam dhale khidki tale (Albela 1951) Singers-Lata & C Ramchandra, Lyrics- Rajinder Krishan.It was a very popular tapori song of that time. It continues to enthral for its foot tapping music.

Shola jo bhadke (Albela 1951) Singers-Lata & C Ramchandra, Lyrics- Rajinder KrishanEvery thing is awesome about this song- the music, the lyrics, the singing, the dancing. A timeless gem !

O beta ji(Albela 1951) Singer- C Ramchandra, Lyrics- Rajinder Krishan

Bechain nazar betaab jigar (Yasmeen 1955) Singer- Talat Mahmood, Lyrics-Jaan Nissar Akhtar

Chamka chamka subah ka tara (Subah ka tara 1954) Singers-Talat Mahmood & Lata, lyrics-Noor Lucknowi

Bhabhi aayi (Subah ka tara 1954) Singer-Usha Mangeshkar, lyrics-Noor Lucknowi

Aplam Chaplam (Azaad 1955) (Lata and Usha Mangeshkar) Lyrics-Rajinder KrishanA wonderful dance number by twin sisters known as Subbulaxmi sisters. Sisters singing for sisters. It must be one of the rare such occasions in Bollywood
music history.

Ja re hat natkhat (Navrang 1959) Singer-Asha Bhosle, lyrics-Bharat Vyas.An awesome dance performed by Sandhya.One of the most memorable Holi songs of all time. A must watch video

Eena meena deeka (Aasha 1958) (Singer & actor-Kishore Kumar: Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan).This is an amazing song and dance performance by the one and only Kishore Kumar.

Aana meri jaan sunday ke sunday, another timeless fun song (from the movie Shehnai) is C Ramchandra's creation, too.

What a CV of fun songs.Simply amazing. I salute C Ramchandra.


shriram moghe said...

Annasaheb was genius, generous by heart and a versatile music director. Every stanza was composed in different tune...very rare to find. Since 1939 until 1970, his songs brought amazing tunes, folk music, classical, rock-n-roll, even being a typical Maharashtrian by heart, his master over north Indian folk music was amazing. To his credit ( according to HMV), 3 golden jubilees, 26 silver and remaining several god.

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