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Lyricists in Binaca geetmala finals

After discussing the performances of various Music directors in Binaca geetmala from 1954 to 1987, now it is time for me to see how the various lyricists have performed in Binaca geetmala finals for the same period.

The list provided below may throw up some surprises, and also some not so surprising facts.We all have some idea on who are the most prolific lyricists in Binaca geetmala finals, but we may be surprised to find that some very successful lyricists had only a few songs in Binaca geetmala finals.

Anand Bakshi ( 193 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- Anand Bakshi who made it to Binaca geetmala finals for the first time in 1962 went on to become the most prolific lyricists of all time in the history of Binaca geetmala finals. His prolific output in Binaca geetmala finals is similar to that of Laxmikant Pyarelal among music directors. His songs were number 1 in the finals of 1967, 1970,1972, 1980,1984, 1986 and 1987.

Majrooh Sultanpuri( 102 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- The most prolific lyricist during the golden era of Bollywood music, Majrooh Sultanpuri continued to do well even after that golden era was over. His songs were Number 1 in Binaca geetmala finals of 1956, 1958, 1959, 1968 and 1982.

Hasrat Jaipuri( 74 Binaca geetmala finals songs)- Much like Majrooh Sultanpuri, Hasrat Jaipuri too had a long career beginning in 1950s and extending well into the 1980s. His songs claimed the Number 1 position in Binaca geetmala finals of 1961, 1962, 1966, 1971 and 1985.

Indeevar (65 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- Indeevar had a steady career and that reflects in the number of his songs that figured in Binaca geetmala finals. A song written by him was Number 1 in the finals of 1965.

Shailendra( 57 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- Shailendra was the most influential lyricist of the Golden era, and he was at his peak when he died at a youngish age. But for his untimely death, he would have surely been more prolific in Binaca geetmala finals. Songs penned by him took Number 1 spot in the Binaca geetmala finals of 1955 and 1964.

Sahir Ludhianvi(42 Binaca geetmala finals songs)-Another stalwart of the golden era, he wrote songs that were Number 1 in the Binaca geetmala finals of 1954, 1960, 1963, 1976 and 1977

Rajinder Krishan ( 42 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- One of the original greats of the golden era, Rajinder Krishan often teamed with music directors who were known for creating classy songs. One of his songs was Number 1 in 1969,, whereas two of his songs finished at Number 2 in 1954 and 1968.

Shakeel Badayuni (40 Binaca geetmala finals songs)- Another original lyrical great, he mostly teamed up with Naushad. Songs penned by him attained Number 2 positions in the Binaca geetmala finals of 1955, 1960 and 1962.

Anjaan (22 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- Anjaan mostly worked in 1980s with Bappi Lahiri. His songs topped the Binaca getmala finals in 1979 and 1981.

Gulshan Bawra (20 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- Gulshan Bawra had a chequered career.One of the songs written by him was number 1 in 1973.

Gulzar(15 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- Shailendra like penman of later years, Gulzar only had 15 songs in Binaca geetmala finals. The highest rank achieved by his songs was 5th position in 1975.

Bharat Vyas (12 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- Bharat Vyas mainly wrote lyrics in C grade movies such as mythologicals etc. One of his songs written for one such mythological movies topped the Binaca geetmala list in 1957.

S H Bihari (12 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- It is a big surprise to find that S H Bihari had only 12 songs in Binaca geetmala finals. He teamed up with O P Nayyar during the heydays of the latter. Still it was much later and with Laxmikant Pyarelal that he had his best placing, viz Number 2 position in 1985.

Prem Dhawan ( 11 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- Prem Dhawan's songs made infrequnt appearances in Binaca geetmala. His best finish was Number 6 in 1954.

Raja Mehdi Ali Khan (10 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- It is a big surprise to note that Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, the favourite lyricist of Madan Mohan, appears in Binaca geetmala finals only 10 times. Many of his songs, which are regarded as classics, failed to appear in Binaca geetmala finals. The best finish for him in Binaca geetmala was 2nd position in 1966, in association with Madan Mohan.

Neeraj (10 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- Another good lyricist, Neeraj had only 10 of his songs making it to Binaca geetmala finals. His best finish was 3rd position in 1970 Binaca geetmala finals and 8th positions in 1964 and 1969.

Verma Malik ( 8 Binaca geetmala finals song)- Verma Malik had briefly become a favourite of Laxmikant Pyarelal, and during this period, Verma Malik secured top position in the Binaca finals of 1975,and second position in the finals of 1987.

Qamar Jalalabadi (7 Binaca geetmala finals songs)- It is another surprise that a lyricist as senior as Qamar Jalalabadi should have so few of his songs making it to the Binaca geetmala finals. His best finish was in 1971, at the fag end of his career, when his great comical song "Guni janon bhakt janon", became number 4 in the finals.

Javed Akhtar (7 Binaca geetmala finals songs )-Unlike music directors, where we had quite a few instances of sons emulating their fathers in the same job, Javed Akhtar is among very few who followed in his father's ( Jaan Nissar Akhtar)footsteps. In fact, he had more Binaca geetmala songs to his credit than his father. One of his songs attained 8th position in 1985.

Ravindra Jain ( 6 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- He was one of the very few music directors who was a lyricist too. One of his songs as lyricist as well as music director became the number 1 song in the Binaca geetmala finals of 1978.

Pradeep (5 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- Pradeep was a much bigger personality than his meagre 5 appearances in Binaca geetmala finals suggest. And ironically, his best finish was in 1976 for a mythological movie that became a surprising hit and the title song written by Pradeep ("main to aarti utaaroon re, Santoshi mata ki") became Number 3 in the Binaca geetmala finals of 1976.

Farooq Kaisar (5 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- Quite a chequered career this for Farooq Kaisar. His best finish was number 10 in 1987.

Santosh Anand (5 Binaca geetmala finals songs)- Like Verma Malik, he promised a lot, but failed to live up to that promise. His best finish was number 2 in the Binaca geetmala finals of 1981.

Sawan Kumar ( 5 Binaca geetmala finals songs)- Sawan Kumar hit upon the winning formula of making movies on "Soutan" theme, where he also wrote the lyrics and Usha Khanna, his ex wife would give the music. This partnership earned them the top slot in the Binaca geetmala finals of 1983.

Hasan Kamal (5 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- One of the better lyricists to emerge in the 1980s, Hasan Kamal had just 5 songs in Binaca geetmala finals. One out of these five songs became number 2 in 1983.

Asad Bhopali (4 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- another underachieving lyricist in Binaca geetmala. His best finish was number 6 in 1962.

Jaan Nissar Akhtar ( 4 Binaca geetmala finals songs)- It is a big surprise to note that Jaan Nissar Akhtar fared so poorly in Binaca geetmala. His 9th position in 1956, where he teamed with O P Nayyar, remained his best in Binaca geetmala finals.

Kaifi Azmi ( 4 Binaca geetmala finals songs)- Another huge shock, but we must keep it in mind that Kaifi Azmi, like Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, typically worked with Madan Mohan, and the classy songs created by them would more oftn than not fail to make it in the popularity stakes. None of his Haqeeqat songs appeared in Binaca geetmala finals. The best finish for him in Binaca finals were the 3rd positions in 1967 and1972.

Amir Qazalbash ( 3 Binaca geetmala finals songs)- A lyricist who debuted in 1980s, his three songs includes one that finished number 10 in 1982.

Pt Narendra Sharma (2 Binaca geetmala finals songs)- One of the giants of early days of Bollywood and Radio,Pt Narendra Sharma had just two songs in Binaca geetmala, including a song that finished 18th in 1978. It is yet another instance where class failed to find favour with masses.

Yogesh (2 Binaca geetmala finals song )- I am sure everyone would be surprised that Yogesh had only two songs in Binaca geetmala finals. 7th position in 1971 was his best achievement in Binaca geetmala finals.

Naqsh Llayalpuri ( 2 Binaca geetmala finals song)- another big underachiever in Binaca geetmala finals. His best achievement was number 23rd position in 1971.

M G Hashmat (2 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- His debut year saw him topping the Binaca geetmala finals list in 1974, but his career failed to take off.

Amit Khanna (2 Binaca geetmala finals songs )- Best finish was 9th in 1978

Shaharyar ( 2 Binaca geetmala finals songs)-Best finish was 8th in 1982

One songs each

Noor Lucknowi (1 Binaca geetmala finals song)- 14th in 1954

Ghalib (1 Binaca geetmala finals song)- 12th in 1955.

Uddhav Kumar (1 Binaca geetmala finals song)- 13th in 1955

Shamim Jaipuri ( 1 Binaca geetmala finals song)- 3rd in 1960

Kidar Sharma (1 Binaca geetmala finals songs)-20th in 1961

G L Rawal ( 1 Binaca geetmala finals song)- 20th in 1967

Shewan Rizwi (1 Binaca geetmala finals song)- 24th in 1969

Dev Kohli ( 1 Binaca geetmala finals song )- 18th in 1972

Nazaan Sholapuri ( 1 Binaca geetmala finals song )- 9th in 1975

Gauhar Kanpuri ( 1 Binaca geetmala finals song)- 16th in 1975

Nida Fazli (1 Binaca geetmala finals song )- 29th in 1981

Prakash Mehra (1 Binaca geetmala finals song)- 2nd in 1982 ( alongwith Anjaan)

Vasant Dev (1 Binaca geetmala finals song)- 33rd in 1985


Raja Swaminathan said...

Thanks for this lyricist-based analysis, Atul.
Undoubtedly, lyricists are the least-recognised piece in a composition. I know I make a lot of effort to know the lyricist of a song because I am a big fan of lyrics. But some names here (esp in the 1-song category)are new even to me.

Hopefully this post of yours will bring some of these names to the fore. I think there should be more awareness about lyricists and lyrics in our country. Without undermining the role of others involved in a song, why are lyricists like poor cousins ?

Thanks anyway for this. As usual, I have learnt something. A few new names for sure. I will now find out more about them through google-search.

Raja Swaminathan said...

FYI, the specific names I had not heard of are :
Noor Lucknowi
Uddhav Kumar
G L Rawal
Shewan Rizwi
Nazaan Sholapuri
Vasant Dev

Btw, my guess is that the Santosh Anand song of 1981 was from Kranti ? "zindagi ki na tootey ladi" ?

squarecut.atul said...

Nice to see your comments, Raja. Lyrics play a very important part in making a song successful and memorable. And the value of lyrics were very well recognised by all great music directors of the past.

There are some moving stories of music directors chasing moody lyricists for the lyrics. For instance, there is one story where S D Burman sent Pancham to the lyricist Shailendra with the instruction that he should come back with the lyrics at any cost.And Shailendra, while taking Pancham to the beach, wrote him the lyrics on a matchox.

Even the one song lyricists were great lyricists.

And you are right about Santosh Anand's 1981 song. It was indeed "Zindagi ki na toote ladi".

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