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Binaca geetmala 1968-Titanium year of Bollywood music

We all know about Binaca geetmala.And I have posted on Binaca geetmala 1971 final in the past as well.We saw in that geetmala that every song was as good as the other, and more importantly, every song is still popular with people familiar with those songs. It was a golden year for Bollywood music and for Binaca geetmala.

But was this the best year as far as Bollywood movie songs are concerned? No, it was not. There were even better years than 1971. If 1971 was a golden year then there were platinum and titanium years as well.Now, which year was the titanium year in the history of Bollywood movie songs ? ( Assuming that titanium is the most precious metal of them all). Which was the year, in which every song was memorable and remains so till this date ?

After going through the list of all songs figuring in all finals from 1954 onwards ( it is available on internet), I have no doubt in my mind that the year 1968 was the absolute zenith in the history of Bollywood movie songs and Binaca geetmala.Remember, there used to be 32 songs figuring in the final two weeks of the year, and when I say that the year 1968 was special, I am talking not just for the top 16 songs, I am talking about 32 songs. All 32 songs were extremely popular, and remain so till this date.

And I feel that it is my duty to bring Binaca getmala 1968 to the notice of all those who were obviuosly too young at that time ( including me). Read on,listen to the songs, and enjoy. I am sure you will enjoy this Binaca geetmala just as much as the people lucky enough to listen it live at that time must have felt.

32.Mast Baharon Ka Main Aashiq (Farz, 1967)Singer-Rafi,Lyrics-Anand Bakshi,MD- Laxmikant-Pyarelal

31.Main To Pee Ki Nagariya (Ek Kali Muskayee) Singer-Lata,Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan,MD-Madan Mohan

30.Aaj Ki Raat Mere (Ram Aur Shyam, 1967) Singer-Rafi,Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni,MD-Naushad

29.Dil Ke Jharokhon Mein (Brahmachari) Singer-Rafi,Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri,MD-Shankar-Jaikishan

28.Qasme Vaade Pyar Wafa (Upkaar, 1967)Singer-Manna Dey,Lyrics-Gulshan Baawra,MD- Kalyanji-Anandji

27.Chale The Saath Milkar (Haseena Maan Jayegi)Singer-Rafi,Lyrics-Akhtar Romani,MD-Kalyanji-Anandji

26.Main Chali Main Chali (Padosan)Singer-Lata,Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan,MD-R D Burman

25.Savere Wali Gadi (LaatSaab, 1967)Singer-Rafi,Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri,MD- Shankar-Jaikishan

24.Chhalkaaen Jaam (Mere Humdam Mere Dost)Lyrics-Rafi,Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri,MD-Laxmikant-Pyarelal

23.Babul Ki Duaaen (Neelkamal)Singer-Rafi,Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi,MD-Ravi

22.Bade Miyan Deewane (Shagird 1967)Singer-Rafi,Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri,MD-Laxmikant-Pyarelal

21.Bachche Man Ke Sachche (Do Kaliyan )Singer-Lata,Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi,MD-Ravi

20.Mehboob Mere (Patthar Ke Sanam )Singers-Lata & Mukesh,Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri,MD-Laxmikant-Pyarelal

19.Tum Agar Saath Dene Ka (Humraaz, 1967) Singer-Mahendra Kapoor,Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi,MD-Ravi

18.Kahan Chal Diye (Jhuk Gaya Aasman)Singer-Rafi,Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri,MD- Shankar-Jaikishan

17.Yeh Dil Na Hota Bechara (Jewel Thief )Singer-Kishore Kumar,Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri,MD- S D Burman

16.Mera Naam Hai Chameli (Raja Aur Rank) Singer-Lata,Lyrics- Anand Bakshi,MD-Laxmikant-Pyarelal

15.Tumhari Nazar Kyon Khafa Ho Gayi (Do Kaliyan )Singer-Rafi,Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi,MD-Ravi

14.Chalo Sajna (Mere Humdam Mere Dost)Singer-Lata,Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri,MD-Laxmikant-Pyarelal

13.Unse Mili Nazar (Jhuk Gaya Aasman) Singer-Lata,Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri,MD-Shankar-Jaikishan

12.Humne Jo Dekhe Sapne (Parivaar ) Singer-Lata & Mahendra Kapoor,Lyrics-Gulshan Baawra, MD-Kalyanji-Anandji

11.Aasman Se Aaya Farishta (An Evening In Paris)Singer-Rafi,Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri,MD-Shankar-Jaikishan

10.Bata Doon Kya Lana (Patthar Ke Sanam ) Singer-Lata,Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri,MD-Laxmikant-Pyarelal

9.Parde Mein Rehne Do (Shikaar) Singer-Asha Bhosle,Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Shankar-Jaikishan

8.Milti Hai Zindagi Mein (Aankhen)Singer-Lata,Lyrics-Saahir Ludhianvi,MD-Ravi

7.Aayi Hain Baharein (Ram Aur Shyam ) Singer-Rafi,Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni,MD-Naushad

6.Honthon Pe Aisi Baat (Jewel Thief,1967) Singer-Lata,Bhupendra,Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri,MD-S D Burman

5.Chandan Sa Badan (Saraswati chandra) Singer-Lata,Lyrics-Indeevar,MD-Kalyanji-Anandji

4.Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar Ke (Brahmachari) Singer-Rafi,Suman Kalyanpur,Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri,MD-Shankar-Jaikishan

3.Neele Gagan Ke Tale (Humraaz ) Singer-Mahendra Kapoor,Lyrics-Saahir Ludhianvi,MD-Ravi

2.Mere Saamne Waali Khidki (Padosan)Singer-Kishore Kumar,Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-R D Burman

1.Dil Wil Pyar Vyar (Shagird,1967)Singer-Lata,Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri,MD-Laxmikant-Pyarelal


Raja Swaminathan said...

Hey Atul..this is Raja from CF.
Seeing this 1968 Binaca Geetmala collection - that too presented by you in your style - makes me ecstatic. Each song can be put in the evergreen category.

Great to see your blog - I am sure you will get many visitors who will enjoy your writing style. There is something about it - we at CF know and now others will also hopefully realise it.

Good luck with your blogging efforts.

squarecut.atul said...

Thanks a lot,Raja.You are the first visitor and commentator on my blog. And I am privileged to have you as the first one to do so.