Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Binaca Geetmala 1956 final

And now here is the final countdown of Binaca geetmala 1956. It was the year in which O P Nayyar made a grand entry into the league of hotshot music directors.Same can be said about Madan Mohan too. In fact,music of both these upcoming music directors sounded similar during this year, before Madan Mohan would carve his own niche in future.

This was a year in which Geeta Dutt dominated, and Manna Dey among male singers had a surprisingly good participation in this year's final countdown with three songs in top 16,something that he would never be able to do again in future Binaca geetmala finals.

Here are the songs that figured in Binaca geetmala 1956 finals:

16.Aajaa sanam madhur chaandni mein hum (Chori Chori) Singers-Lata & Manna Dey,Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri,MD-Shankar-Jaikishan


15.Zindagi Khwaab hai (Jaagte Raho) Singer-Mukesh,Lyrics-Shailendra,MD-Salil Chowdhary


14.Rimjhim rimjhim barkha barse (Taangewali,1955) Singer-Lata,Lyrics-Prem Dhawan,MD-Salil Chowdhary

13.Garibon ka pasinaa bah rahaa hai (Naya Aadmi) Singer-Rafi,Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan,MD-Madan Mohan

12.Dil dil se milaakar dekho (Mem Saahib) Singer-Asha,Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan,MD-Madan Mohan

11.Mera naam Abdul Rahmaan (Bhai Bhai) Singers-Lata & Kishore Kumar,Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan,MD-Madan Mohan


10.Piya piya piya mora jiya (Baap Re Baap,1955) Singers-Asha & Kishore Kumar,Lyrics-Jaan Nissar Akhtar,MD-O P Nayyar


9.Aankhon hi aankhon mein ishaara ho gaya (C I D) Singers-Rafi,Geeta Dutt,Lyrics-Jaan Nissar Akhtar,MD-O P Nayyar


8.Kaise aauun jamana ke teer (Devta) Singer-Lata,Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan,MD-C Ramchandra

7.Halke halke chalo saanware (Taangewali,1955) Singer-Hemant Kumar,Lyrics-Prem Dhawan,MD-Salil Chowdhary

6.Leke pahla pahla pyaar (C I D) Singers-Shamshad Begum & Rafi,Lyrics=Majrooh Sultanpuri,MD-O P Nayyar


5.Ai dil mujhe bata de (Bhai Bhai) Singer-Geeta Dutt,Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan,MD-Madan Mohan


4.Nirbal se ladaai balwaan ki (Toofan Aur Diya) Singer-Manna Dey,Lyrics-Bharat Vyas,MD-Vasant Desai

3.Tu pyaar ka saagar hai (Seema,1955) Singer-Manna Dey,Lyrics-Shailendra,MD-Shankar-Jaikishan


2.Nain se nain naahin milaao (Jhanak Jhanak Paayal Baaje,1955) Singers-Lata & Hemant Kumar,Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri,MD-Vasant Desai


1.Ai dil hai mushkil jeena yahaan (C I D)Singers-Rafi & Geeta Dutt,Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri,MD-O P Nayyar


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